Connecting Internet Software
How it impacts individuals, organizations, and countries.

A little over seven years ago, I predicted that Web Services “will become as popular as Database technology in Information Technology teams.” My prediction still holds true. If you don’t work with Internet technology, that statement has little or no meaning to you. Today, Web Services underlie a new layer of the Internet that is unseen by most consumers of Internet technology regardless if it’s a public mobile app or web site, or a private intranet or “member’s only” site for teams or members of private organizations.

The technology to connect internet software and web sites is ubiquitous, but we at Anant find that many organizations don’t leverage them as well as they could. In start-ups to mid-sized organizations, we’ve seen “gaps” in the web site infrastructure. These gaps manifest themselves secretly in lost time, money, productivity, and opportunities.

The reason why these gaps exist is because of a lack of knowledge and not necessarily a lack of skill or resources. In an upcoming seminar I will be covering the following topics that are relevant to team leaders, Executive Directors, and CEOs.

How to use Internet Software to save or make money?

Software helps by automating processes that already work well. It won’t fix everything. Some software that you may be using inside your organization could be outsourced as a “Software as a Service.” More than likely you are already doing this. Some software is actually better than others. We’ll talk about what to look for and identify examples in a few Responsibility Areas of the Modern Enterprise.

Different ways of connecting or integrating Internet Software.

Although ubiquitous, there isn’t a universal standard to connect to different Internet software. There are some standards that prevail but beyond the technology standards, there are some abstract categories that can help you envision your Modern Enterprise better as a collection of online systems.

How to identify “gaps” where Integration can help.

Using our Modern Enterprise Canvas, we’ll cover how to take inventory of your People, Processes, Information, and Systems across your Responsibility Areas and determine where there may be duplication of effort, or a gap that could be solved with a relatively simple software integration.

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